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Questions and Answers
1. What about is VietAnArt value of artistics ?

VietAnArt products, work of art are made based on the natural and traditional pucmice lacquer materials. Each them contains the unique and different features. VietAnArt artists have explored the potential beauty of Tay Nguyen dry calabash, old dull stones, blowed them to be pleasant and cheerful color. Customers will feel the perfect beauty and absence of soul about  nature, life and people. It seems to be closely and faithfully between man and nature in the harmony of them.

2.Can I buy VietAnArt productst when I was currently in Vung Tau?

We’re always ready to serve all customers in domestic and overseas. You can submit order at to save time. Our sales department will supply the best service for you.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, we will free shipping within 7 days after received the completed orders. In others areas, the value will be added shipping fee. We wish you have satisfaction about our sample, quality and prestige.

3. I want to be one of VietAnArt agents?

We are very pleased to cooperate with domestic and overseas to develop our distribution system. We always have good policy. For more information, please contact: Mr. Huy 0908 760 727 or Ms. Quynh 0972 257 777.

4. Can I order as my favorite?

Please quickly contact us if you have any requirement about traditional pumice lacquer products or other work of art. We can supply to all customer about design , quality and quantity of goods orders.

5. I want to have VietAnArt catalogue?

Please quickly send this request to us via phone 84 – 08 - 740 6903 or email . We will serve all customer as soon as possible. .

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