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Shopping Guide
1) Select and decide Products
+ Add to cart
+ Update cart
+ Submit Order
2) Login
3) Complete purchase information
4) Complete the purchase.

1) Select and decide Products

Website constantly updated information on products such as product name, code, technical characteristics and price, allow customers to select and decide easily.

- If you decide to buy the product, please click "Add to cart".
- The system will automatically show information such as product code, name, quantity, price and total. You can change the quantity of goods by entering the number on "Quantity".
- If you want to continue purchasing products, you click "Continue Shopping"
- If you wish to return the selected product (not purchase more), enter "0" in Quantity box.

- For each change, click on "Update cart" for system record the change in your cart before moving to the next step.

- If you agree to the cart, click on "Submit Order".

2) Login

If logged in (login) and you will move to step 3, if not the system will ask you to register an account. Please click on "Register"


- To register your account at you must provide as the following:
+ E-mail address: valuable email selected to login.
+ Password: password used to register above account.

You must complete information so we just have the best customer service. In cases the lack or incorrect information will not be resolved. Customers are responsible for maintaining the password, if any happened, VietAnArt will not be related.

3) Complete purchase information

Please confirm these following informations:
+ Address to payment and receipt of goods.
+ Method of payment
+ Method of transportation
+ More requirement of clients
After complete, you click "Continue", move to step 4.

4) Complete the purchase

Finally, the system will automatically confirm your order, please complete the purchase process by click "Submit Order".

Viet An Art sincere thank you to purchase our products. Order has been sent. Our sales departmentwill contact with you as soon as possible to bring satisfaction to customers. We wish you success and good health!
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